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Top 5 Ways You Can Benefit from Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation isn’t just an effective means of pushing your message out to an audience – it’s also a memorable way to improve your overall brand recognition! Because whiteboard  videos are still a relatively unknown marketing tool, the companies that do use them automatically gain awareness within their markets over competitors using traditional video production techniques.

Improved understanding of complex ideas

Whiteboard scribing videos don’t need to be promotional in nature. If, for example, you need to convey a complex set of ideas to a group of employees or students, whiteboard animations can help you to improve both learning and message retention.

Increased potential for viral website traffic

These days, “viral traffic” is all the rage in digital marketing circles – and with good reason!  Viral traffic (which occurs when website readers forward your content on to others without your direct involvement) is essentially free traffic, which has the potential to free up more of your marketing budget to focus on other critical areas of business operation.

However, the key to producing effective inbound marketing materials that drive these visitors to your site is to deliver something that’s cool enough to warrant sharing. Whiteboard videos meet this criterion because they’re so new and different, which results in more natural sharing between readers and more traffic to your website.

Bypass message filters in the brain

Given the number of media inputs we’re subjected to on a daily basis, we’ve developed a thick skin and an inherent skepticism towards those who try to reach us – whether they’re trying to sell us something or not.

So when it comes to getting your message across, be aware that relying on traditional educational or marketing techniques may leave your viewers resistant to what you have to say.  Instead, using whiteboard  videos is a much more effective way to penetrate these barriers and ensure that your message reaches your intended prospects.

More sales

Finally, if you’re trying to use whiteboard animation videos to convert viewers into buyers, be aware that this new medium can be extremely effective for your bottom line.

One of the most important parts of the sales process is making the benefits of your products or services obvious to prospective customers. And while this can be difficult to accomplish using text alone, it’s an easy task for whiteboard animation. Pulling your viewers into the “story” surrounding your brand is a great way to get them to understand and identify with the benefits you offer, making it much easier to close the sale – and improve your company’s profits – than through the use of text or audio alone.

Below is a quick whiteboard I created.

Better brand recognition

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