Biggest Mistakes of DIY Websites

A lot of companies opt into creating their website themselves because it saves money and let’s face it; nearly anyone can build a website these days. The savings that you make by creating your own website could generate to future losses due to the mistakes in the website layout and content that lead to the loss of potential customers. A website does a lot of things for your business so even just the smallest mistakes could prove costly in terms of potential business loss.


“My website just needs to be simple!”

This isn’t true! You don’t want a simple website, you want an effective website. Your website is what gives you the opportunity to attract and convert website visitors into paying customers. A simple design may work for your site but the reason for that will not be because it is simple. A simple yet functional and effective website created by professionals is cost-effective and will drive business your way instead of to your competitors.

“Using templates”

A common mistake people tend to use when building their own website is using a standard design template. It is true that many successful sites do use purchased templates but the problem with using these is that they were not created with your company identity in mind. Your own website needs to reflect your company’s brand and image and that’s not something you can do with purchased templates. There is nothing wrong with using a template as a basis if you are on a certain budget but that will require heavy customisation so that it fits with your brand and that may take a professional.

“You can’t find your own website”

If you can’t find your own DIY website on search engines, it’s time to call the experts! If you try to type in what your company specialises in on google with the location and it doesn’t come up that is usually a good sign that you need a professional. All of the websites that do come up are the ones that are done correctly right from the beginning. Creating websites that are high ranking in search engines is a very difficult process that starts from the design and navigation layout of your website. It continues with the right text on your website and finishes with the online marketing & advertising strategy. This process is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it generally requires a professional with the right knowledge and tools to bring the right people to your website.

“Missing your Audience”

Missing your target audience is a typical mistake that is made when creating a DIY website. If you are going to create a DIY website you need to remember that you are creating it for a certain target audience and not for yourself. Although you may think a certain colour looks good or like a certain image, if it doesn’t go with your brand it won’t appeal to your potential customers.

If you are going to build your own website make sure you plan it thoroughly before starting. Think about if it is really worth your time in the long run, or would it be easier and more cost effective to just pay a professional to do it for you? You want to keep your customers, not scare them away with a badly designed website.

Better brand recognition

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